WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR Zodiac Sign in the Week of 8-14 March?

We are heading towards the new moon in Pisces in a week when the moonlight is the least, the Moon is not visible and loses its light. This darkest time when the sky lacks the light of the Moon is known as the Balsamic period of the Moon by astrological definition. It starts 3-4 days before the new moon and lasts until the new moon occurs. These are the times when our mystical and spiritual aspects, our spiritual feelings are strongest and our subconscious is open. We can dream a lot during this period. What we have pushed into the subconscious can occur when we sleep.

Moreover, these effects can be many times greater as you move towards a new moon in Pisces. Because Pisces already carries the effects of the Balsamic period of the Moon. Pisces is our subconscious, our shadows, what we sense and feel but what we cannot see.

The Balsamic phase of the Moon in Pisces in the new week may be a time when we discover the power of our intuition. Likewise, our intuition can show us a lot of guidance during this period. However, in order to feel and hear them better, we may need much more rest, silence, and seclusion. During this period, the mobility it carries as Mars progresses in the sign of Gemini may make it difficult for us to do this, it may not be easy to rest and calm. In this period, we should pay more attention to negligence and negligence, especially insomnia.

On March 13, the new moon takes place. The new moon, which carries the theme of Pisces heavily, may be about the issues, people or situations we need to leave behind. With the new moon, we can give up a habit and be more accepting of a person, event or situation. It can bring sacrifice and devotion in relationships, and it may be necessary to pay more attention to mutual deception and misunderstanding. The new moon in conjunction with Neptune may indicate complex situations and uncertainties.

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