What is a moon sign? How Is It Calculated? What are the features of the moon sign?

The moon sign is usually in a different sign than the sun signs. Your moon sign is determined according to the location of the Moon when you were born. The moon sign has an effect on your personality, just like the sun signs. It has an impact on your emotional world, your hobbies, the habits you enjoy and many other things. The moon sign completes your sun sign. While your sun sign affects your general character, your moon sign affects your unknown aspects. Features that you do not show to people from the outside, and sometimes even yourself cannot notice, are formed by the effect of the moon sign.

What is a Moon Sign?

Together with the Sun and the Ascendant sign, it is one of the most important indicators in our astrological identity. There are symbols of these three astrological elements in the profiles of famous people and astrologers. The Moon sign gives information about our emotional and physical nutrition. The Moon sign shows our emotional sensitivities. In addition, our Moon sign tells a lot about our mother and family structure.

Why Is the Moon Sign Important?

Our moon sign tells about our emotions, emotional reactions, and shows how our experiences reflect on our emotions. Our moon sign is related to our emotional sources of nourishment. The sun reflects our father and our paternal side, that is, the way we protect, possess and show power, while the Moon reflects our mother and our mother side, namely compassion, compassion, and conscience. Our Moon sign reflects our emotional universe.

Knowing and understanding our moon sign is important for a better understanding of our emotional world. If the Sun and Moon are opposed to each other when you are born, it means you were born on a full moon, and contrasts and opposites are important in the lives of full moon people, so relationships play a big role in their lives. If the Sun and Moon are very close to each other, you are a New Moon person and you can display excited, enthusiastic, leading qualities. You may have a structure that desires to be the only, first and first, and innovations. If you were born in the dark (balsamic) moon period just before the new moon, karmic and fateful elements can be much more effective in your life.

How is the Moon Sign Calculated?

The moon changes sign every two to two and a half days. It is also in a certain sign at the time of birth and has certain relationships with the Sun and other planets. You can read the interpretations of your Moon sign after you have drawn your natal chart.

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Alternate Moon Sign Calculation Method

Features of the Moon Signs

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