As we go through a period in which the Sun moves in Aries, we are very focused on ourselves, our desires, desires and aspirations. The full moon that takes place on March 28 will remind us of the closest person standing in front of us, our lover, our close friend, our spouse, our partner. However, it seems that we will not give up on ourselves while remembering that too. This can only be a momentary recollection of the full moon. Immediately afterwards, the Sun conjunction of Venus is so strong that we can be caught off guard by our own egos again. The wounded healer, Chiron, between the Sun and Venus, may enable us to repair some of our wounds in this process, but in doing so, it can lead us to our past mistakes, especially in our relationships, and put a salt in the wound first. Scorpio rising in the full moon shows this transformation process that we are going through. While the two actors of the full moon, the Sun and Moon, are located in the 6th Virgo house and the 12th Pisces house, they draw attention to both physical and purification and healing. This full moon reminds us that we need to improve ourselves spiritually as well as focusing on physical health. In this sense, we can talk about a very mystical and spiritual full moon.

Another noteworthy sight on the full moon chart is the large air triangle between the Moon, Mars and Saturn. He draws attention to a process where ideas, thoughts, mind, mind can be at the forefront. It indicates that we can actually handle many things in our minds through the mind. The Moon in Libra draws attention to the weaknesses and sensitivities in relationships, Mars in Gemini, our expression and communication problems, Saturn in Aquarius and the new approaches brought by technology in our minds and minds. In this period, we can put more of our intellectual and mental activities into life.

If we come to the effects of the full moon on your sign:

You are going through a period in which your self-confidence rises as the full moon takes place against the Venus Sun conjunction. While the full moon is so focused on yourself, it can mirror those in front of you, your relationships, and raise awareness about partnerships.


Full Moon can add awareness of a relationship in your daily life and work environment. You can make some financial decisions to make your life beautiful, be careful not to make these decisions exaggerated.

During this full moon, you can make decisions about your love, passion and excitement. You can prioritize a topic you like and decide to listen to your heart more.

Full moon decisions about your family and home may come to the fore. You can take a journey into your past, experience an awareness. In a period when you focus on business life, the past can remind itself.

The full moon can trigger your curiosity and make you aware of some information and topics. You can get information about the events happening in your immediate environment and be in an awareness.

The full moon that occurs when you are going through a period where you focus too much on common material issues or business life can remind you of your own account, your pocket and bring some decisions about your personal savings.

As you go through a period of focusing on relationships and partnerships, the favors you see from the other side are good for you. The mirror held by this process is that you can show you yourself and your wishes more clearly, and you can make some decisions about yourself and your life.

The full moon can make you make some decisions about your relationship, although it may require some sacrifice, but it may not cause discontent. You should already know what you have to give up.

The full moon takes place in your social life and as you go through a period when you focus on your passion and excitement and pamper yourself a little, the full moon may remind you of your friends and expectations and be aware of your social life.

The full moon can bring your decisions about your goals and plans. As you go through a period where you focus on home and family life, there may be jobs, duties, and responsibilities to remember.

While you are going through a period where you enjoy learning, sharing, and your curiosity is high, the full moon is far away, it can bring about the issues related to foreigners abroad and decisions about travels.

While Full Moon draws your attention to the financial part of partnerships, you can make some decisions in this area. It may be a joint venture, investment decision. There may be awareness about your business and working life.

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