What Awaits Libra in 2021? 2021 Libra Reviews

As Saturn and Jupiter leave your home and family space together, they may have made you face your roots, your past, the values ​​that made you you. You may have rediscovered and redefined the feeling of loneliness. You may have gone through important material and spiritual turning points in your home and family structure. And now 2021 stands in front of you as a time to focus on yourself, leaving all this behind and behind. After leaving the past and its shadows behind, you are now in the time to reconstruct, grow and shape yourself, your personality and your ego. During this period, while those who pass through your heart become king, it may be time to listen to his voice more, or even never let go. You may come across many people who you might love, like, and conversely fall in love with you. While this situation is pampering on its own, you may not be idle for yourself, and you will not be left behind from finding and creating areas that will indulge yourself and pamper yourself when you get tired of people and their attention. If you have children, you can take care of them. You can also shape their lives and give them a way and direction. While 2021 stands before you as a year that you will love and be loved profusely, you can also turn this love into creative work, work and work. You can turn your interest and curiosity in technological, extraordinary, and beyond-the-century issues into work, especially in Aquarius issues. Because you can enjoy these works. If you are interested in artistic subjects, you may find the opportunity to turn them into work. However, you should especially try to manage business and common financial issues correctly and appropriately. Because Uranus continues its electric course this year on common material issues, and while doing so, unlike last year, this year is taking compelling influences from Saturn. As these effects peak in mid-February and June, and towards the problems of December, you should be careful not to suffer damage from partnerships, marriage or work. Uranus may be a little harder this year while trying to give you the ability to be more agile and agile in common material matters. Pluto continues its radically transforming transit, which it started in 2008, this year as well. The transit of Neptune, which continues this year as well, may keep you shattering for your daily activities and routines this year as well, you must be vigilant in details and calculations. However, the good news is that Jupiter, which is in Pisces between 14 May and 30 July, will relax you in this area and will add both health and comfort to your daily life. During this period, you can feel much better and fit both spiritually and physically.

Lunar nodes moving along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis this year can carry karmic and fateful effects to your sign in 2021 in the field of education and learning. There may be interesting and unusual events or developments that you may experience in this area while being exposed to what the flow brings. As a result, we are in a year when Aquarius is active and surprising developments can bring an interesting flow to your sign, especially in the axis of education, personal development and higher education. With eclipses, you can see and notice the reflections of these effects more powerfully. This year we will have four eclipses, two Suns and two Moons. The Lunar Eclipse on May 26 may draw your attention to events in your immediate surroundings, if you have siblings, and events and developments related to them. It can make you reflect your emotion in your words. While the Solar Eclipse on June 10 brings up an issue or development related to distances and travels, abroad or foreigners, you can open a brand new window of exploration or adventure into your life. While the Lunar Eclipse on November 19 takes place in Taurus, it may bring up an issue that you missed on common material issues. The last solar eclipse on December 4 may be the beginning of a new era in your close circle, neighbor and sibling relationships.

Venus, the ruler of your sign, brings you luck and fortune this year on February 25 – March 21, April 14 – May 8, June 2 – 27, August 16 – September 11, you can be more comfortable in these periods. When retrofitting after December 19, you should proceed with a little slower, slower and cautious steps.

LOVE IN 2021

It looks like Saturn and Jupiter will star in your love life when you are in your love house this year. This love can arise from falling in love with someone or when someone falls in love with you, or it can be a pleasurable pursuit that you will enjoy. If you have children, there may be developments regarding them. However, Saturn in this area can put your perspective on love into rational, rational, constructive, and long-term forms, so you can become a realistic lover rather than a blindfolded lover. Between June 2 – July 22 and August 16 – September 11, there may be times when your feet are off the ground in favor of love. We conclude the year 2021 with a Venus retrograde starting on December 19th. During this period, you should try to be alert to the old loves and relationships that come back. A love left over from the past can confuse your life again, remember that this will be temporary.

2021’From TO

In 2021, you can earn money from the jobs you love, turn a favorite occupation or a hobby into a job. Especially between the 14th of May and the 30th of July, your work can get very busy, but you can easily overcome them because you feel good during this period. April 14 – May 8, September 11 – October 7 can be quite fortunate and fruitful in business and money matters. Between January 6 – March 4, June 12 – July 30, October 31 – December 14, you should be careful about material matters, and be careful about your expenditures and budget. Uranus continues its electrifying course on common material matters this year, and this year is taking compelling influences from Saturn. As these effects peak in mid-February and June and towards the problems of December, you should be careful not to incur financial damage from partnerships, marriage or work. During this period, there may be times when your spouse, partner, or the workplace you work for, or the people and partners you do business with.


Continuing its course in your healthcare field in 2021, Neptün continues to spread these issues before you and create chaos in this area. As a result of these effects, you may not be able to keep a proper diet, nutrition, sports, detox, healthy lifestyle routine. However, Jupiter can offer you the opportunity you are looking for from 14 May to 30 July and can be supportive in healthy related matters. By taking advantage of this lucky transit of Jupiter, you can take the steps you need to take regarding health, meet good people who will support you, and enter into routines that you keep waiting. Remember that this short transit will support you more permanently throughout 2022. After March 4 – April 24, July 30 – September 15 and December 14, try to be more cautious and prudent about your health. Between 15 September and 31 October, you should pay more attention to use your energy correctly and properly. We wish you a pleasant, healthy and peaceful new year.

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