Mercury Retros Begins on January 30! How will it affect the zodiac signs?

In this Mercury retrograde, which will last for three weeks, it may be necessary to pay attention to the flaws, misunderstandings and misunderstandings in social communication. It may be an appropriate choice not to be hasty on agreements that may be important during this period. It may bring along communication problems associated with retro technology in Aquarius. Disrupted electronic, digital and especially high-tech devices in this period can play an important role in the disruption of communication. Mercury retrograde can also cause unusual ideas to be expressed in bizarre and complex ways. The usual strange thoughts and expression disorders can negatively affect education and other mental activities, especially. We are moving into a period in which we need to show a little more patience and give time to the other party to understand and be understood.

If we come to the effects of Mercury retrograde according to your horoscope:


In this retro, you may need to pay more attention than ever to problems and disruptions related to communication and agreement in social relations. Misunderstanding and compromise problems can make things even more difficult.


In this retro, you may need to pay more attention to communication in your career and business life. There may be situations where you need to think more about your goals, duties and responsibilities, and you should be patient.


You may need to idle life a little more in the retrograde of Mercury, the ruler of your sign. You may need to pay more attention to communication problems that may arise in contacts and connections with foreigners and foreigners, and in relations with distant people. You should be patient and cautious about travel delays and delays.


In Mercury retrograde, you should make sure that you consider every detail in common material matters, investments and trades. It may be appropriate to postpone signatures and agreements if possible. You have to be patient in understanding strong people.


In Mercury retrograde, communication-related problems can arise more than ever in bilateral relations, partnerships, marriages and partnerships. You have to make sure that you are calm and patient in understanding each other.


In the retrograde of Mercury, the ruler of your sign, you should pay more attention than ever to the details, the fine details that may be overlooked in the communication and calculations. You should stay calm about glitches and roughnesses. There may be a period when you need to idle life a little more.


With Mercury retrograde beginning today, keeping a consistent path in communicating with loved ones can be more difficult and demanding than ever. You must make sure that you understand the wishes and needs of your love, lover and child.


In Mercury retrograde, you should pay more attention to family communication than ever before. In addition to misunderstandings, you should be patient in the face of forgetting past issues, confusion, absent-mindedness, and forgetfulness.


Communication with your immediate surroundings can be more complicated than ever as Mercury begins to retrograde. Confusion can cause problems, especially in jobs that require mental concentration. It may be appropriate to postpone issues that require agreement and signature.


In retrograde Mercury you should try to take a more careful and cautious attitude to business and money matters, budget and spending. You can put more mental effort to control material matters.


As Mercury in your sign starts to decline this week, mental confusion, confusion and uncertainty can affect your relationships the most. Managing communication issues can be a little more difficult and can take time.


In Mercury retrograde, you may encounter difficulties and difficulties in understanding and understanding your own thoughts and what others are thinking. You should pay more attention than ever to the mental confusion of forgetfulness and contemplation.

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