How will the January 28 Leo Moon Affect the Signs

As we are going through a period in which the constant energies in the sky are increasing, we can feel the feeling of being unable to move, move, react and lock-in, especially on this full moon. Because, on the one hand, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius, Mars and Uranus in Taurus on the other, and the Moon, which has rigid angles for them in this full moon, seem to fix and lock the sky well. Moreover, Jupiter comes side by side with the Sun, strengthening the egos and creating some kind of characters. The Moon opposite the sign of Leo fuels emotional stubbornness. Mars navigating side by side with Uranus, on the other hand, points to trust-based reactions and anger that can erupt at any time. In this full moon, we have to exert a lot of patience and effort in order to keep calm and not to stretch the nerves. Especially when outbursts of anger suddenly appear, it seems that we have to show the extraordinary, different and innovative approaches brought about by the prevailing Aquarius energy of the time for coolness.

There are a couple of other planets that meet in the full moon chart, which are Venus and Pluto. This conjunction indicates a deep and strong love and can trigger important transformations in relationships. As Mercury prepares to decline in its extreme degrees, thoughts may seem sloppy, the rational, logical and rational approaches brought by Aquarius energy seem to be the winners of the period.

If we come to the effects of the full moon according to your horoscope:


The full moon, which sheds light on your loved ones, can draw your attention and concentration to your souls, loved ones, their needs and sensitivities by detaching them from friendship, friendship and social environment. With your strong stance, you can provide them with the support they expect.


While you are going through an extremely active period, you are particularly focused on your business life, career, goals and plans. However, this full moon can be a warning or even an alarm bell that reminds you of your past, your family, their needs and expectations.


The magnitude of the turbulence you experience in spiritual terms is quite dominant. However, despite this, you do not detach your attention from what is outside and you are connected to the distant ones. However, the full moon may draw your attention to your immediate surroundings, neighbors and siblings, their needs and expectations.


Even if what happens in your social circle, sudden events, your hopes and expectations may break you a little, your fighting power may be very high during this period. This full moon can create an effect that reminds you of your own values ​​and possessions on this path.


The full moon in your sign can create a very stimulating effect that reminds you of your own wishes, needs and expectations in this period when you are thoroughly focused on relationships. Remember that you can get support from strong people in your daily life and work life in this tense period.


As you go through a period in which you focus on the small details and subtleties of life that make you happy and nourished, the full moon can, on the one hand, make you feel the tension of the chaos going on in the distance, on the other hand, it can underline your spiritual needs. Remember that there are people who love you deeply.


Perhaps as you go through a period where you focus on yourself and prioritize your own wishes, excitement and expectations than ever before, the full moon may bring effects that remind you of your social life, friends and friendships, their needs.


Fixed effects in the sky surround your sign, which is also a fixed sign. Even if the sudden and unexpected dynamism brought about by relationships and partnerships, and the suppression of home and family issues seem to separate you from your goals and plans, this full moon can create effects that remind them and draw you to your career, duties and responsibilities.


As you go through a period of overflowing your thoughts, don’t neglect to organize and plan them. The union of Mars and Uranus can otherwise make you tired and exhausted. On this full moon, you need to get rid of your ideas and mind and look a little further.


As you go through a period when you focus on your material issues and opportunities, this full moon can shed light on your spouse’s, partner’s affairs, financial situation, what is happening in your workplace, and draw your attention to your common earnings. Remember that the Venus Pluto conjunction in your sign makes you very powerful and have a say in relationships. Support can come from strong people.


As you go through a period where you are almost completely focused on yourself, this full moon can be a full moon that reminds you of the other person, their needs and expectations, and does this in a very dramatic way. An important decision about your relationship can bring a moment, and past and family developments may play a role in this.


As you go through a period when you let life go almost completely, you may be working hard in the background but you may not be noticed. Managing the mental confusion this situation can bring can also take a lot of effort. The full moon can remind you to maintain both your physical and mental health and well-being.

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