How Will the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Affect the Signs?

Jupiter and Saturn, which are the social life and business planets of astrology, at the same time started a brand new process by passing to Aquarius, the most unusual sign of astrology. This crossing alone can be seen as reflecting the unusual character of Aquarius.

With this transition, these two stars are now coming together in the element of air. In the past year, both had created a long list of disciplines, jobs, duties, rules and responsibilities in the earth element Capricorn, bringing together material and land-related issues, as well as work and money issues. Moreover, by combining beautifully with Uranus in an earth sign and Pluto in Capricorn, they turned this list into a tight to-do list. Now we are getting out of them a little and moving towards times that may be more interesting. Apart from the interestingness of Aquarius, the combination of these two signs in the air elements can also fuel communication, sharing and communication, while making them more constructive, organized, regulated and technological.

Aquarius is associated with ice and cold in astrology. Therefore, we can expect innovative, extraordinary and different approaches in business and social life besides the concepts of cooling, distance and distance. Social life seems to be very active in terms of thoughts and ideas, but maybe we can move the posts to different media and environments that we have not experienced until now. Saturn can be supportive in the air signs, and both can be considered positive together as Jupiter moves from a very weak sign to a more supportive sign.

While Saturn supports different styles and approaches in professional life, it can bring an innovative, technological and modern business and organization order, sense of duty and responsibility with it. While Jupiter can bring an uplifting effect on social life, it can make it more distant, distant, and more in the form of intellectual and mental coexistence. Jupiter can bring inventions and discoveries with a view that is far from unusual, modern, and classical. The same situation can be reflected in the field of education, learning.

If we come to the effects of this transition according to your horoscope:


Your social life can be revitalized, but you can move it to a more leveled, distant approach. You can leave your classic point of view while making more use of the possibilities of technology. Job opportunities may arise with your friends.


With your sense of duty and responsibility, your goals and plans can now move away from their classic form. While taking a break from the changes in your horoscope, you can focus on the outside world, career and business life.


With this transition, you can increase your communication with distant people, and you can dedicate yourself more to social shares, to thoughts and ideas, and to reflecting and transmitting them. It can be a transition that nurtures your soul.


With this transition, common material issues and sharing gain importance and you can undergo significant changes and restructuring in this area of ​​your life. You can rearrange your family business or business partnership structure.


With these transits in your opposite sign, an important change process awaits you in the field of relationships. You can focus entirely on your relationship, partnership, and marriage and restructure this space.


With the increasing weight of health-related issues, your daily routine and routine, nutrition, diet, lifestyle, you can reconstruct these issues.


You can see the positive effects of this transition in your love life. You can spare time for your loved ones and favorite subjects. If you have children, you may be more interested in them. A process where you can make your heart more pleasant is waiting for you.


This transition can make you more focused on home and family issues. You may have a job that you can run from home. There may be many issues waiting for you in your home. Family matters can grow and occupy your agenda.


While the most effective transitions of the zodiac take place in your sign, it is now in your hands to determine a brand new life order for yourself. You may have more opportunities and possibilities to manage and control your life.

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With this transition, the reproduction and increase in situations beyond your control can push you a little more to the spiritual life. You may have some things to learn or experience from the stream. A period awaits you when your subconscious, dreams and intuitions will be activated.

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