2021 Pisces Love Life

As a sign that experiences love with the deepest feelings, you will want to immerse yourself in the waters of love this year. Even if the bad experiences of the past years come to your mind from time to time and your wishes may bother you, you will not forget the fact that your experiences brought you to this maturity. As soon as you forget, your past will remind you of it.

Even if you can’t explain yourself with your words, the other person can easily understand what you are trying to say with your body language. The energy of communication you catch in love is invaluable to you. You feel more clearly that love is more important than sex, not on the happy days of the relationship, but on the hard days. You believe that love is tested with difficulties, and passing these tests is the breaking point of the relationship. If there is no atmosphere of trust in a relationship, there is no longevity in that relationship. You are completely attached to the person you love, when necessary, you try to solve his problems as if they were your own, and you take the responsibility. The biggest nightmare for you is to see that your feelings are unrequited. Empathy is just as important as emotions are to you. While you want to leave behind all the heartache you have suffered this year, you will want to reveal your romantic side. If you are a married Pisces, you are in a year where you will have plenty of romantic moments with your spouse. You are one of those who know the value of the people you say “I’m glad to be with him” The people who interpret your instincts are the ones who understand you best. From time to time, when you experience emotional turmoil, you can breathe with these people. Your heart is very big and can love many people at the same time. So if you’ve met and liked another person even though you’re in a relationship, you can share it with the people who understand you best. In 2021, you will be able to catch the right times to make sense and clarify your feelings.

If your Venus is in Pisces;

If your Venus sign is Pisces, your love, emotions, passion come before your logic. You build your relationship on the foundations of love, sometimes you can be too dreamy and abstract. You want to see the loyalty and devotion you have shown to the other party. Person born in the Venus Pisces cycle; He internalizes the person he loves by putting him at the center of his life And he tries his best to make her happy. He is altruistic, but he is also good at defending himself emotionally if he cannot see the same from the other side. If your Venus sign is Pisces; You have a fragile personality. For you, the sincerity and sincerity of the apology is important, not the form of apology. Venus elevates itself over your love and has positive effects on you. You do not compromise on your romance, you manage to impress the person you love. You are not afraid to dream about the future in a relationship. Your sensuality and romance can be carried to such a high level that you can write an article, a composition or even a poem to the person you love. If Venus is in Pisces, the person loves fully and the love in their eyes is read poetically. It can also be platonic love for a long time. The planet of love, befitting its name, shows its influence in Pisces at the highest level. She doesn’t like being treated rudely and not caring about her feelings.

If your Mars is in Pisces;

You have never been a quarrelsome person. On the contrary, you always tried to solve the problems in the most correct way and controlled your emotions. However, one of the most important effects of Mars in your sign is the side of you that does not forget. Even if you do not hold grudges, you will not forget the wrong done to you for a lifetime. This affects your love life to a great extent. You’ve never been someone who trusts easily and opens up immediately. As soon as you see an important mistake in your love life, it takes time to get back to your old self compared to other signs. Your emotionally volatile state can often confuse those who are trying to talk to you and want to help solve problems. You’re not one to be easily commented on. Because you did not approach even the smallest event from a superficial point of view. Mars, which reveals your sexually innovative, fearless and touching side, underlines that you are very kind to your partner in your sex life. Your sensitive side to emotions is also reflected in your sexual life, which your best partner knows. In sex, you adapt to your partner in every sense. Sex life for you is both skin compatibility and mutual understanding. Selfishness is the reason why you make unexpected hard exits from time to time. Although you are a sign that tolerates everything, selfishness almost triggers you, you do not think about what you are saying at that moment. The planet of war defines you most in your trials against the undecided.

  • If you are a Pisces in a 2021 Relationship; With September, a new member can join your home and your family can grow. If you are a Pisces with an empty heart; On March 21, you can meet the love of your life as the world becomes liberated. You can leave behind the relationships that you took a quarrelsome peace with. You are a passionate zodiac sign. Your libido may increase with the transit of the planet of luck in your sign. The month in which you will look more warmly to the idea of ​​marriage with the person you love will be September 2021. You can watch a calm process while entering the world house.

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• The Luckiest Days of Your Venus: 14 March, 23 September

• The Luckiest Days of Your Mars: March 11, September 2

• The Zodiac Signs You Will Deal With The Most In 2021: CRAB, BULL

• The Zodiac Signs You Will Conflict The Most In 2021: Virgo, Capricorn

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